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The Mekong River The Mekong flows from South-West China through all the mainland South East Asian countries - China, Burma, Laos, Cambodia; Thailand and Vietnam. It connects not just countries and commerce, but also diverse cultures and history. A river journey on the Mekong through Vietnam and Cambodia can offer greater insights and experiences than any other way of exploring two very different countries. Our river cruise offers a way of traveling in great comfort to places unreachable by motor car.

There can be no tapestry of river life as fascinating and varied as the River Mekong. Indeed there can be no more striking a cultural contrast as that between the bustling Vietnam delta and the tranquility of Cambodia. We pass from the vibrant French colonial port of Saigon, now called Ho Chi Minh City, through the vast Delta so rich in human life and endeavor, to travel along the main channel into the rich countryside of Cambodia.

A shipping link between Saigon and Angkor is immensely practical for the traveler as it makes it possible to connect three important destinations on one trip with easy plane connections at either end: Saigon the former capital of South Vietnam, Phnom Penh, the quaint Cambodian capital, & the stupendous World Heritage monuments at Angkor: no longer need one check in and out of hotels and endure bumpy roads.


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